Warranty Claim Form

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Part 1 - Contact Information:

First you must provide us with your contact information so that we can verify who you are.

Your Customer Account Number and Office Postcode are not required but it would help if you could provide them.

Please note that the information you supply here will be used only to contact you in response to this Warranty Claim, and will not be divulged, sold or given to any third parties whomsoever.

Part 2 - Product Information:

Please provide us with the Model and Serial Number of your Outdoor Unit.

Then tell us if you are claiming a compressor. If yes, you must give us the Model Number and Serial Number of at least one connected indoor unit.

Part 3 - Trouble Details:

Now you must tell us the date the system was installed and the date the trouble was first identified - click on the calendar icons to select the appropriate dates for each field.

You must also give us the site name and address of the installation and a brief description of the trouble.

Part 4 - Part(s) to be Claimed:

This is where you tell us which part(s) you are claiming.

You must give us the description and quantity of at least one part. The part number would also help but is not a requirement.

Part 5 - Delivery Address:

Please supply the delivery details for your replacement part(s). Be careful to check the information you provide as delivery errors may incur additional costs.

Note that the requested delivery date is just that, a request - we will do our utmost to meet it. If, however, there are any problems, we will contact you immediately.

Part 6 - Supporting Documents:

To minimise delays in your claim being approved please submit supporting documentation to validate your claim e.g. engineer's report for fault diagnosis and maintenance reports from date of installation to date.

You may supply up to 2 documents, each one up to a maximum of 5mb in size.

For security reasons, we only support pdf files.

Your claim form is now complete!

Please try to supply as much information as possible to help speed your claim.

If you have any issues or questions regarding this online Warranty Claim Form, please email us or telephone us on 01462 435700.

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Part 1 - Contact Information:
Part 2 - Product Information:
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This form allows you to claim up to four indoor units. If claiming more than one, please complete in order first to fourth.
Part 3 - Trouble Details:

Part 4 - Part(s) to be Claimed:
Part 5 - Delivery Address:

Part 6 - Supporting Documents:

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